Scouring potential Vietnam stock tickers

Now the Vietnam stock market is having tickers listed on HOSE (Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange), HNX (Hanoi Stock Exchange), Upcom (for public companies preparing before being listed on those two mentioned before). All of them is soon to be approximately over 1,000 tickers thanks to the more open and integrated Vietnam economy and SOEs privatization.

Among of them, the first question for us is where to screen for potential investment pipeline, since it helps saving a lot of time for researching and digging deeper later.

By accident, I’ve got to know this source: by Dong A Securities Company. It has various screening standards up to any typical investors’ investment style, not to exclude a value investor seeking for potential ideas regard value stocks in Vietnam. (What I take regret for it is it doesn’t consider the ROIC/ROEC (Return on Invested Capital/Return on Employed Capital since this is the most important ratio to me when considering the consistency of employing capital efficiently of any firm).

Now you got the deal besides and sources liek this one: Thanks to them, I make sure they save you a lot of energy as well as time for figuring out what’s next to seeking for.

Below is my some awaiting tickers to read and do some excercises before investing. Glad you came and discuss them with me!

Potential 1

Potential 2

Just take a look and enjoy it before I take you to another places :).

At present, I’ve also scouring for authentic value investing style as I choose to follow in long term. More besides that, thanks to the Barbell Strategy inspired by Nassim Nicholab Taleb in Black Swan and in the book Antifragile I am reading now, I will also seek for restructuring corporate investment style and allocate suitable weighting mix in the portfolio according to my betting-meet-investing style.

This is what “Barbell Strategy” definition accords to Taleb:

Barbell Strategy: A dual strategy, a combination of two extremes, one safe and one speculative, deemed more robust than a “monomodal” strategy; often a necessary condition for antifragility. For instance, in biological systems, the equivalent of marrying an accountant and having an occasional fling with a rock star; for a writer, getting a stable sinecure and writing without the pressures of the market during spare time. Even trial and error are a form of barbell.

In “The Black Swan,” Mr. Taleb recommends a “barbell” strategy in which investors put 85% to 90% of their portfolios in extremely safe instruments, like Treasury bills, and the remaining 10% to 15% in highly speculative bets such as options.

In an interview with Taleb, he describes it this way:

Indeed I want to have it both ways: guaranteed floor and maximal upside — the barbell strategies I propose; the right mixture of greed and paranoia. I want a safety of a minimal income with the out-of-the-money dream.


Sometimes just a small bet may become a big upside tomorrow if we are doing research carefully and luck comes coincidentally. As long as there are very big upsides and downside risks are limited in our calculation.

Hope you enjoy it!

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