Brewing Battle across Asia and Vietnam

A qualified reading time on the topic Brewing Battle across Asia on Nikkei Asia Review. What I learned is how tea brands are shifting to appeal to their target connoisseurs (maybe they have been busy to creating them as well :)) and compete with famous coffee big names across this region. In Vietnam now we… Continue reading Brewing Battle across Asia and Vietnam

Moats in Commodity-Like Businesses

Read this one on InvestorAlmanac and I decide to post the direct content from the link: It crashed on my mind like what I’ve learned from Warren Buffett his idea on investing into commodity-like businesses and as I have written it in a note (you can find it here(1) and here(2)). What I realize is when think of… Continue reading Moats in Commodity-Like Businesses

Scouring potential Vietnam stock tickers

Now the Vietnam stock market is having tickers listed on HOSE (Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange), HNX (Hanoi Stock Exchange), Upcom (for public companies preparing before being listed on those two mentioned before). All of them is soon to be approximately over 1,000 tickers thanks to the more open and integrated Vietnam economy and SOEs… Continue reading Scouring potential Vietnam stock tickers

Thương hiệu – Hơn cả một lời hứa

Tôi nhận được một câu hỏi như sau: “Cách tốt nhất để đo lường sức mạnh của một thương hiệu là gì? Và chúng ta có một framework nào tốt nhất để đánh giá một thương hiệu? Hay việc đánh giá một thương hiệu chỉ là một cách vô hình, (tôi hiểu là đánh giá… Continue reading Thương hiệu – Hơn cả một lời hứa